I’m a day late with my weekly blog post because I’m at the 2013 Arizona winter school! I go every year (only missed one since 2005) since I’m from Tucson, and it’s as awesome as ever, with a record 232 participants (and only 234 seats in their auditorium).

So, short post today though — inspired by the twitter-addicted-throng of science-y types at ScienceOnline, I’ve started tweeting again. (I used to just tweet awesome extreme metal videos, but that got old.) I haven’t quite found my twitter groove, but have had quite a bit of fun livetweeting the #AWS (see also #AWS2013).

I haven’t been able to get too many others to tweet with this hashtag (I wasn’t quite ballsy enough to write the hashtag on their whiteboard) but its already been quite rewarding. The biggest payoff is that my tweets revealed to my postdoc mentor JSE that the fun he was missing and he impulsively (on the first day of the conference!) bout a ticket to Tucson.

Also, I thought it would be a bit awkward tweeting a math conference, but it turns out that it feels like an extension (or maybe subset) of my usual notetaking. I tend to not write down everything the speaker writes, but rather write down new insights, new project ideas, or funny quotes, a style which ports well to twitter.

Other fun —

  1. my cousin thought my twitter account was hacked (then remembered that I do math), and 
  2. my new friend Kris thought that the following picture was an “infinity omelet”


I’m so used to this picture being a “multi-holed donut” that I never made the connection to breakfasty awesomeness.

Overall opinion of tweeting a conference: 5/5, will tweet again.